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Social Care

AVerMedia Group is committed to enriching entertainment experiences and promoting effective communication among people. We strive to be a corporation dedicated to serving society, and we stick to the operating concepts: being down-to-earth, creating value, dedicating ourselves, and serving people. For us, serving people, dedicated to society, and loving the earth is an important social responsibility, and we practice these core concepts through actions. 

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Protecting Environment
AVerMedia take action to protect the environment. From designing, procuring, manufacturing to delivering, every one of our products has to pass the strictest examinations to meet with the global environmental protection terms. We actively make efforts on energy saving, carbon reducing and garbage sorting to implement energy-economization and garbage reduction. Moreover, we have supported the “Clean up the World” campaign and encouraged our staff, their families and friends to join this campaign. We have drawn everyone’s attention to the importance of environmental protection.

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Caring about Education
Education is one of the best solutions to end poverty. AVerMedia Information, one of AVerMedia Group, is aimed at developing educational equipment and making learning more interesting and efficient. It has been actively involved in organizing volunteers for after-school studying in the hope to help low-wage families and children in the remote areas. To make education more efficient and more fun, it has held creative educational contests to improve the quality of education. In 2009, AVerMedia Information donated 100 Document Cameras, CP155, to the Ministry of Education, which were distributed to elementary schools and junior high schools. We have helped the government to carry out the digital learning opportunity for more students to enhance the educational competency in Taiwan.

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Caring about Local Farming
AVerMedia Group prides itself being the “Technology Farmer.” We value farmers’ down-to-earth spirit and their hard work. We have supported Taiwanese agriculture by purchasing local agricultural products and being involved in Taiwanese agriculture promotional activities organized by non-profit groups.

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Valuing Employees
AVerMedia has established a humanist (appropriate person) corporate culture. All our employees have to possess the characteristics of honesty and integrity, self-reflecting, and self-surpassing. We hold open, fair, and equal opportunity principles and hire talented personnel. We provide the right positions according to their talent. Through establishing skill and competence database and developing training system, we make sure our employees can fully demonstrate their skills. Creating staff-friendly working environment, we also make sure the work field is safe for our employees.

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We have sponsored “Low-wage family-After Class Accompanied Studying” campaign

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