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AVerMedia launches a brand-new Smart Microphone – Your Voice, Your Professionalism

Taipei, Taiwan—June 25, 2015
AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, is pleased to announce today the launch of the first audio product. AW310 Smart Microphone successfully introduces 2.4GHz wireless microphone to thousands of users globally to incorporate the AW310 Smart Microphone into lectures, speeches or seminars to bring a completely new acoustical experience to the audiences.

Core benefits you shouldn’t miss out

The AW310 Smart Microphone is not only a teaching appliance, but also can bring core benefits in learning and teaching. The wireless design of the device is light, unobtrusive, and can be easily clipped onto any part of your outfit. The Smart Microphone is designed to maintain the volume of your voice from anywhere without restricting your movement. Also, the AW310 Smart Microphone can help you ensure your words rise above the ambient noise without the vocal strain. Raise the natural sound of your voice comfortably to be heard in a noisy environment and add volumes to your audience engagement without straining your voice. On top of all the key features to the Smart Microphone, it is important to make use of a high fidelity microphone during any lectures, meetings or seminars to ensure that the audience never misses out on anything from the speaker. With the AW310 Smart Microphone, you can be confident that your voice will be amplified throughout the location, to ensure concentration from the audience to your lecture.

Key features you may be interested in

The technology of 2.4GHz wireless band offers a better delivery quality, which can reduce the interference from other electronic devices with co-channel. The operating distance in line of sight is up to 50 feet (15 meter), which provides a great convenience on users’ movement in the classroom or meeting room. The microphone and receiver are paired in advance; you can simply plug the latter into a mic to start using it. By minimizing background noise and eliminating microphone’s shrillness, it will create a pleasant experience for the listeners. Light and unobtrusive, the AW310 Smart Microphone can be easily clipped onto any part of your outfit. Last but not least, with the built-in lithium battery, the microphone can be used at least 8 hours. This can be fulfilled a long day usage.
AW310 Smart Microphone is a lead of audio product line for AVerMedia in 2015. We announce officially engage in audio market to fulfill thousands of users. As a bellwether, the microphone endues with innovative technology, including acoustic, outward and its wireless compact design. 

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About AVerMedia Technologies

AVerMedia Technologies ( is the preeminent name in designing, manufacturing and marketing multimedia products. Alongside a full-line of TV tuners and personal video recorders, AVerMedia provides high quality video capturing, converting and streaming devices for consumers, corporates and industrial markets alike. AVerMedia Technologies is committed to enriching entertainment experiences and promoting effective communication between people. Founded in 1990, AVerMedia became a public company in 2000. AVerMedia adheres to the latest green manufacturing standards in delivering the highest quality products.

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