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Product Standard Warranty Remarks Where to Repair?
MPD products (PCI, PCI-e, USB, Express and set top boxes)

2 years of guarantee

(May vary by territory)

All AverMedia TV tuners purchased after Oct, 1st, 2004 will be carried 2 years limited warranty services. One year limited warranty is given to purchase made prior to this date.

Warranty void for users removing serial number sticker on the product.

Please contact your reseller

Product Return Flow

Adaptor & remote 1 year guarantee All adaptors and remotes for any AverMedia product have 1 year warranty.
Network tuners & Multimedia Players 1-2 years guarantee All network tuners and multimedia players have a limited of at least 1 year or max 2 years guarantee depending on the model.
If the AVerMedia product was supplied as part of a system, it is not covered by the AVerMedia warranty procedure. Please contact your system builder.
Warranty period may differ regionally, please kindly check with your point of purchase.
Warranty invalid if damage/dysfunction caused by improper handling/usage, destruction.
Warranty invalid if system has been disassembled by end-user or non-AVerMedia-authorized repair centers.
Warranty extension or special warranty package bought at point of purchase is not reflected in this chart.
The warranty period do not apply to accessories.
One year Limited Warranty is adopted for remote controller and power adaptor.
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